Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sketchbook Show

I started my first sketchbook adventure in April of 2011 with a weak attempt to sketch my way around a chaperoned trip to Rome and Athens. 24 sketchbooks, 6 countries, a divorce, a proposal and a new job later--I am finally showing off my passion to the public. My good friend Genine and I will be showing ALL of our sketchbooks at Main Street Arts in adorable Clifton Springs NY. At last count, I think, Genine will have 38 books on hand and I will have 24. We have also picked 23 of those sketches for display. We were busy cutting, framing and matting for 8 hours last weekend! All of the hard work will hopefully pay off as we get to share our passion with the public. 

So come on out! February 25th, 4-7pm.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


It looks like I missed ALL of december with art posts--oops. It has been busy year starting a new job--heading from an Elementary School filled with ankle biters to a High School filled with cell phone Zombies. Throw in some basketball coaching and you have limited time for posting art. Below is a mish-mash of art I've made the past month.


And happy 2017!

Warplane museum visit

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Portrait drawing (take 2)

I took another class on portrait drawing to get some more people practice (who doesn't). The same instructor made the skills practice a little easier and the steps more concrete. I really focused on going light and taking my time--two things I need a ton of work on. 

We had two models for two weeks at a time--polar opposites: an older lumberjack and a young, hip woman. 

A few nights were a struggle but I was persistent and plowed through the "I don't wannas". Some hardcore hip-hop seemed to do the trick too. Something about Lil' Wayne yelling at you makes you want to push on.


INKtober is a monthly drawing challenge that was started by an artist: Jake Parker. It's a pretty simple process: draw in ink, every day, and then post it online for all to see. He even includes a prompt list for inspiration! I did keep up with every single day except one drawing I started in pencil on a friday and inked in on saturday--but who's counting. 

Below are a few selections from INKtober. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

(brace yourself) Boathouses!

My first--and greatest--student teacher was in town and she wanted to have an art-geek morning and go plein air painting! How could I resist?! We set up camp at non other than the Canandaigua Boathouses! Wendy ended up selling one of her pieces almost right off her easel! 

[oil paint on gessoboard panel, W+N oil paints on an allaprimapochade.com box]

Wendy's setup
More of her setup
action shot
finished painting
both of our finished pieces!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Plein Air--trees

More plein-air painting at a ridiculous hour. 

This painting is now SOLD--woo hoo. Maybe some pics from it's new home will follow! 

[oil paint on gessoboard panel, W+N oil paints on an allaprimapochade.com box]