Friday, July 31, 2015

Whoa--(part 2)--Florida and airplanes

And we continue...
My new favorite subject location--AIRPLANES! People are so tuned out to the world and nose deep in their iPhones that they are oblivious to me sketching them! One liver spot at a time. 

Drawing war! Draw for 30 seconds, pass to the other person, draw for 30 seconds, and on and on. 

New Smyrna Beach, Flordia in July is HOT. But your paints dry in an instant! 

Whoa, it's been a while (part 1)

It's been a while since a meaningful post, so here it goes:

I've had a very busy July and am finally back in town, caught up and ready to dump all of my sketches in one post. It'll be a long one so bear with me. 

I bought a cool sketchbook at one of the oldest art supply shops--Sennelier in Paris, France and had to give it a run for the month of July. I started this book on July 7th and almost completed! This may be a new record for me. 

I broke in the new sketchbook during my visit to Neeburyport Mass.:

Now that I enjoy sitting on a beach I got some sketching done on Plum Island, Mass. 

And as Scott and I toured some breweries like Riverwalk Brewery and Newburyport Brewery, I sketched a little to capture the occasion. 

Some quick bar sketches at the Grog.

I had the most awesomest opportunity to join 40 other art teachers from 20 states at the Mass College of Art and Design for a 7 day TAB institute. And my goal was to learn as much as I could and to sketch as much as I could. Mission accomplished. 

This first one was our first dinner out at a cool restaurant just outside Fenway Pahk. Who just got pummeled by the Yankees three games in a row. I reminded a lot of people that as they walked by. 

Our first talk at the institute. People presenting are perfect subjects! 

More presenting. 

We had some seasoned teachers present some station ideas for our rooms and I had a 5 minute window to capture them!

A quick sketch between lunch and class--I still want to add color to this guy. 

We had this cool thing one night where you got to present 20 slides and had 20 seconds per slide to chat. Your subject could be whatever! 

We got to tour Fenway Studios which are artists studios that have been there for 100 years! These studios were to die for! 

During a tour of the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, I snuck away to sketch a 5th century sculpture. 

Our last night in Boston, we trekked down to the ward and dined on seafood. There happened to be a concert right next door so we stuck around long enough for a...

Portrait PARTY! 
We passed around my sketch book and we all did blind contour line drawings at dinner! Only with 6 art teacher can you get away with this at dinner! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beach sketching

The past few weeks have been crazy busy thus the lack of uploads. I have a ton to toss up here and will do so slowly between beach adventures. 

(Uni pin pen and watercolors in a Sennieler sketchbook)