Friday, October 16, 2015

Toned Gray round up (sketchbook #14-complete)

Here are the last few pages from my toned gray sketchbook inspired by Mr. Miguel Herranz. 144 pages is a lot of toned sheets to sketch on and I quickly got burnt out on all the gray. So I would take this book with me to "lesser" sketching locations for quick people drawings, and some buildings. Sometimes making this book the "B" book made me looser and expectations lower. So in the end, some of my best sketches came out of these pages. 

Here are the last few pages from the past few weeks. 

[pilot V5 pen, PITT cool gray markers, and a white gel pen in a gray toned gray Strathmore sketchbook]

the facade of Java's @ the Market

Greenfront creepin'

Greenfront creepin'

some students working

some more students working

blind contour line drawings of students working

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Toned TAN (sketchbook #15--starting)

I can't get enough of the toned paper from Strathmore. It's wonderful for adding grays, and white highlights are awesome. The book is a great size for a "take anywhere" book, and with three pens, you can have a great sketch session. Their toned gray book, I think, is a touch too dark, and not cool enough (as in cool on the color temperature scale, not hang ten! cool man!). Their toned tan is pretty much goldilocks--just right. 

Here is the start:

greenfront creepin'

tried to capture the inner restaurant--still working on this, so stay tuned
[pilot V5 pen, ball point pen, PITT warm gray markers, and a white gel pen in a toned tan Strathmore sketchbook]

Sunday, October 11, 2015

51 seniors in the MTL

What more could you ask for? 12 hours on a bus, 51 seniors, bad food, gorgeous sunshine, crisp fall air, stiff hotel beds, three 1st place finishes in Laser Tag, 7-3 victory in air hockey? 

I was asked to chaperone the senior trip to Montreal in Quebec, Canada this past weekend. We had some free time here and there so I attempted to get some sketches in when I could. Some were rushed due to time constraints, or schedules. Most were finished on site, maybe some details added here or there when I had a moment. 

[namiki falcon with DeArtementis Document ink, Lamy Safari M-nib with DeArtementis Document ink, Lamy Safari EF-nib with Noodler's Lexington Gray, with D+S watercolors in a S+B Epsilon Series sketchbook]

a small church in downtown MTL

a collection of animals from the BIODOME

a collection of sketches from our tour of MTL

a pirate dinner party! 

some folks from the amusement park: La Ronde

Sunday, October 4, 2015

One man Canandaigua Sketch Crawl

Not much else to do on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon so I explored the city I live in with a one man sketch crawl! 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Brrrrrrr sketching

As a meetup group we headed out to the Public Market for some good old fashioned chilly sketching. This, by far, was the coldest day we've had this fall, and we picked an outside venue! 

We wandered around from place to place sketching chickens, coffee shops, and people milling about. At one point Genine got chatting with the owner of Juan and Maria's Empanada Stop food stall. She was sketching his stall and got chatting about creativity. He uses food and sauces for his outlet, we use pen and watercolors! At one point he handed us free empanadas so we could try his sauce! We munched away and I sketched the sauces to remember the moment! It was really cool! Only when sketching will you meet people that way!!

Java's front porch

Genine and Juan!

Me and Juan!

[namiki falcon with DeArtementis Document ink, D+S watercolors in a S+B Epsilon Series sketchbook]