Thursday, July 28, 2016


bought a new TWSBI pen at Stilograhica! 
I am not sure where to begin! I was in Italy for 13 days and had my Stillman and Birn, Beta, softcover sketchbook to fill. So below will be some sketches from that journey! 

NYS Transportation museum (7-10-16)

I met my sketching buddy out for a nice outing at the NYS Transportation museum. Which is basically like you grandfathers attic but much larger and filled with train stuff. It's such a weird experience and a great sketching location. 

(the green tint on the one photo is from the very odd skylights in the larger room--not a tinted sketchbook)

[Laloran sketchbook (, with some various pens I obtained from jet pens and D+S watercolors]