Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bluegrass Jammin'

A local coffee shop (Greenhouse Cafe) has these awesome jam sessions about every other week. Anywhere from 10-25 musicians show up and rock out for a few hours. They synchronization and mastery of their instruments is very impressive. They take a quick glance at what the others are doing and jump in. We artists then sketch the musicians all the while sipping on great coffee and even better toasted panini sandwiches. 
[pentel pencil, namiki falcon with DeArtementis Document ink, D+S watercolors in a S+B Zeta sketchbook]

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Canandaigua Boathouse

The historic boathouse are a really cool subject. I have drawn/painted them a few times now and can't seem to capture their character. This was the first nice day we had in a while, but the cool breeze made 50 degrees feel like 20. I sketched quickly and then hobbled my way to lunch then home. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Airport sketchin'

Nothing better than a captive subject matter oblivious to their surroundings! Oh and a gigantic layover helps too! 

[a whole assortment of tools in a Stillman and Birn Zeta--giagantic--sketchbook]

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sketch meet up with Lapin and Freekhand

As many artists/sketchers do, we follow the many artists on in the opportunity to travel to Barcelona where some of these artists live and I had a recipe for one of the coolest artistic moments of my life to date! 

Before I left on my trip to Europe, I emailed both Lapin and Miguel "Freekhand" Herranz to see if they wanted to meet up and go drawing and they said yes! We happened to have a free saturday together and with the support of my trip director I made it happen! 

We met up at the Hospital St.Pau in Barcelona on a gorgeous 60 degree sunny day! I got there super early and enjoyed an espresso in the shadows of a splendid modern masterpiece of architecture. 

Lapin was the first to show up and we traded some stories, and of course, we got to peek at each other's sketchbooks. I've seen a ton of his work on social media and I always thought he sketched in large ledger books--turns out--they are very small! I am envious of anyone who can sketch small-scale! (this will be a new goal for in the up coming weeks). 

Next to arrive was Miguel! I've been swooning over his toned sketches for a few years now, and to meet the man behind the work was especially exciting! We chatted about materials, as well as teaching--he was amused that I teach little ones!

Eventually we got our sketchbooks out and started to sketch. I was intimidated by a few things: 
1: sketching with these two great artists
2: the enormity of the structure we were sitting in front of!

Regardless, it was a super fun afternoon and I enjoyed every second of it! I look forward to meeting up with these gentleman sometime soon. 

my horrific attempt

5 different views from 5 different artists! 

Lapin and Joel's sketches matched up perfectly! 

Lapin's signature hat


our view

Miguel's artwork

Lapin's artwork